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The safety and wellbeing of our members, staff and community will always be our priority. Below you’ll find links to review all of our most recent safeguarding documents.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Safeguarding Lead:

Clare Melhuish / Safeguarding Lead
07809 743471‬

Covid-19 Safety Statement

October 2020 Update

As schools across the city have now returned to full capacity, albeit with safety measures, bubbles and zones in place, we wanted to make clear our policy on likely partial school closures and how we will put measures in place to protect our members and ourselves.

We will continue to adhere to strict 2 metre distancing guidelines in all classes with no contact between students and instructors (with the exception of our instructors and students who are members of the same household or family bubble). All equipment is sanitised between uses.

We ask that any students experiencing any symptoms of illness not to attend in person classes and we reserve the right to ask students and families to leave if they become ill during a class.

All in person classes are pre-booked and a record of attendees and contact details is retained.

We ask all members attending in person classes to inform us if they are affected by a full or partial school closure or if a member of their household or bubble tests positive for Covid 19. We will ask in these situations that any student training with us that is affected by a school or bubble closure (either their own or that of a sibling/family member) refrain from training until the period of isolation is complete.

If a member who has attended an in person class tests positive for Covid-19 we will communicate quickly with fellow attendees and take appropriate measures based on the individual situation. This may include closing a particular group or class or a pause on in person training for a 2 week period.

In the event that a coach, volunteer, or member of the Foundation team is affected by a family member’s school bubble closure we will review each situation individually to assess the level of risk and contact. Where possible tests will be obtained. If necessary in-person classes will be cancelled and replaced with live online sessions.