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Training Tips

Some helpful training guidance for all students.

Helpful Tips for Zoom Classes

Arrive Early: Plan to join at least five minutes early to each session. This will give you time to troubleshoot any issues as well as chat with the instructors before class.

Unmute Your Audio: We will handle all muting/unmuting throughout the class, so please default your audio to “unmuted”.

Attire: If you own a gi feel free to wear it. If not, just wear loose, comfortable clothes. 

Camera On: When you join the class, please turn on your webcam and angle it towards your training area, this helps us to see you practice and give feedback.
Minimize Distractions:
Avoidusing background images on your video and the chat feature (unless you have a question).

Raise Your Hand: Use the “Raise Hand” button/feature if you have a question, or use the chat feature and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Participate: If you have an injury, feel free to simply watch the class. If you’re healthy, we’d like to see you participate to the best of your ability. Take every class at your own pace and always feel free to modify a technique or drill to your comfort level.