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We have a unique approach to grading across all our classes at Foundation that is being refined and developed as we grow. Our grading process allows us to recognise and reward progression where necessary and support all of our students.

For our Kids and Juniors students we monitor attendance and when they reach 20 consecutive classes we flag them for assessment.

The initial assessments are based on grading criteria and the professional judgement of our instructors. We will observe and challenge students where necessary testing their knowledge and application. If we feel a student is ready then we award them their grade at the next available opportunity.

As our Junior students progress further towards advanced juniors grades we ask more of them in terms of training time, discipline and responsibility. This transition helps prepare them for the more demanding aspects of becoming an Advanced Junior student.

10th Mon (Green/White Belt) is also the first opportunity students will have to start their coaching Journey. This includes opportunities to gain formal coaching qualifications through our work with the Leadership Skills Foundation

Adult and Advanced Junior students have a more demanding grading process as the expectation we place on them increases.

We have formal gradings at set dates throughout the year. This is a much more traditional process with Adult and Advanced Junior students being tested individually through a closed assessment in front of instructors.

Kids Class Grading Structure

Kids Grade Belt Colour
1st Kai / Ichi Kai White / Red Stripe
2nd Kai / Ni Kai White / Yellow Stripe
3rd Kai / San Kai White / Orange Stripe
4th Kai / Yon Kai White / Green Stripe
5th Kai / Go Kai White / Blue Stripe
6th Kai / Roku Kai White / Purple Stripe
7th Kai /Shichi Kai White / Brown Stripe
8th Kai /Hachi Kai White / Black Stripe

Juniors Class Grading Structure

Juniors Grade Belt Colour
1st Mon / Ichi Mon Red / White Stripe
2nd Mon / Ni Mon Red
3rd Mon / San Mon Red / Black Stripe
4th Mon / Yon Mon Yellow / White Stripe
5th Mon / Go Mon Yellow
6th Mon / Roku Mon Yellow / Black Stripe
7th Mon / Shichi Mon Orange / White Stripe
8th Mon / Hachi Mon Orange
9th Mon / Ku Mon Orange Black Stripe

Advanced Juniors Class Grading Structure

Advanced Juniors Grade Belt Colour
10th Mon / Jū MonGreen / White Stripe
11th Mon / Jūichi Mon Green
12th Mon / Jūni Mon Green / Black Stripe
13th Mon / Jūsan Mon Blue / White Stripe
14th Mon / Jūsuhi Mon Blue
15th Mon / Jūgo Mon Blue / Black Stripe
16th Mon / Jūroku Mon Purple
17th Mon / Jūshichi Mon Purple / Black Stripe
18th Mon / Jūhachi Mon Brown
19th Mon / Jūku Mon Brown / Black Stripe
20th Mon /  Nijū Mon Black / Red Stripe

Adults Class Grading Structure

Adult Grade Belt Colour
10th Kyu / Jukkyū White 
9th Kyu / Kyūkyū Red
8th Kyu / Hachikyu Yellow
7th Kyu / Nanakyū Orange
6th Kyu / Rokkyū Green
5th Kyu / Gokyū Blue
4th Kyu / Yonkyū Purple
3rd Kyu / Sankyū Brown
2nd Kyu / Nikyū Brown
1st Kyu / Ikkyū Brown
1st Dan / Shodan Black