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The Team

Core Team

Simon Melhuish

Simon is a founder, director and the senior instructor at Foundation Martial Arts. He loves teaching, training, learning new things and challenging himself every single day to make our classes and projects the best, most efficient, creative martial arts experience possible for our students. Simon started training in traditional Ninjutsu at New Heys Dojo where he received his 1st Dan. Since then he has continued to train in a range of martial arts to make sure he never stops learning.

James Lee

James is a founder, director and instructor at Foundation Martial Arts. James generously volunteers his evenings to teach in our juniors and adult classes. James started training in traditional Ninjutsu at New Heys Dojo where he received his 1st Dan.

Clare Melhuish

Clare is our Safeguarding Lead, Assistant Coach at Little Ninjas and director. Clare has been an integral part of the Foundation team from day one – managing all our new students, engaging with parents and carers and ensuring all our students are safe and happy.

Junior Coaches

Our highest graded students who have completed their junior coaching certification. These students have been training with Foundation since they were themselves in the kids classes. They have put in many hours of teaching assistance in evening classes and holiday camps and are our careful, trustworthy representatives who are always happy to help and guide younger students.


Alongside our team of Junior Coaches we also have an experienced group of adult volunteers who generously give up their time to support classes, camps, workshops and projects throughout the year.

People Important to Us

These are the people we trust to advise us, the people that disagree with us when necessary and broaden our horizons on running a business, thinking creatively, making social change and achieving our goals. From our board of directors to our close friends and everything in between these people are vital to help keep Foundation growing.