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What Matters to Us

Foundation at its core is kazoku “family” and a martial family reflects the heart, mind and spirit of the martial way. This means we’re healthy, honest, respectful, we appreciate the value of joy and we communicate with each other.

Kazoku – Family.

Kokoro – Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Shojiki – Honesty
Kenko – Health
Yorokobi – Joy
Sonkei – Respect
Tsushin – Communication

Foundation is built around these core values. We live by them, make our decisions by them, plan new projects with them and use them in everything from daily communication to big problem resolution.

We share our values with our students through everything we teach and talk about. At the end of each year we award those students who we feel have really embodied and lived by each value with awards in Joy, Honesty, Respect, Communication, Health, Family and Heart, Mind and Spirit.