We’re as eager as all of you to get back in the dojo, but safety has to be our priority.

To help us with identifying when is the right time to get back in the dojo we’ve pulled together a checklist of things we feel need to be in place.

#1 Government Approval
Has the government given the green light for close contact sports activities to resume?

#2 Schools Operating as Normal
Are all school years back, and in classrooms together?

#3 Infection Control Processes
Can we ensure good infection control and cleaning processes in the dojo?

#4 Learning Experience
Is the class learning experience close to what was offered before lockdown? Is it better than what we’re offering through the digital dojo?

#5 Member Consensus
Do we have agreement from more than 80% of members that they are ready to return to training?

We’re keeping a close eye on how things are progressing and will continue communicating with all our members. When we can tick all of these off we’ll know it’s the right time to head back and that when we do, we can keep you all safe and offer a quality learning experience.