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Lidl Mudder 2023

July 12, 2023 9:27 am Published by

Every year since 2014 we have taken a team of kids to Cholmondeley Castle to take part in Lidl Mudder. 

Let’s get Fighting Fit together!

June 7, 2023 12:18 pm Published by

We're looking ahead to one of big yearly highlights - Tough Mudder and just like last year, we're welcoming all our parents and over 16's to join us start their own fitness journey.

Students training in a martial arts dojo

Adult Beginners Course

May 5, 2023 2:03 pm Published by

We know how daunting it can be to step onto the mats as a new starter, whatever your age or experience, so we've created a beginners programme for all adults

BJJ at Foundation

January 23, 2023 10:43 am Published by

Learn all about our Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) classes with coach Bruno, our new grading system and how you can improve your grappling game.

Lidl Mudder 2022

May 9, 2022 10:50 am Published by

We're heading back to Tough Mudder on 10th September, and this year it's going to be better than ever as we welcome students from both our Kids and Junior classes to join our Lidl Mudder team!

It’s Time to Get Fighting Fit

May 9, 2022 9:53 am Published by

It's been a rough few years so it's great to be back training. Once again we're looking ahead to Tough Mudder and Lidl Mudder but this time we're welcoming all our parents and grown ups to get Fighting Fit!

Dojo Update – New Covid Guidelines

November 28, 2021 5:43 pm Published by

Following the reintroduction of certain Covid 19 restrictions from 29th November we wanted to let all our members know what we’ll be doing to keep everyone happy, safe and training!

Seasonal Gift Guide

November 22, 2021 1:51 pm Published by

Around this time of year we often have parents and families enquire about ninja-related gifts so we thought we'd put together a collection of suggestions.

Back to Training

June 18, 2020 4:48 pm Published by

We're as eager as all of you to get back in the dojo, but safety has to be our priority.