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Focussed weekly sessions for older children (8+).

Our juniors classes are all about building strong, healthy, confident and disciplined young men and women through a principles based approach to teaching traditional and modern martial arts.

Our classes incorporate traditional Ninjutsu, self defence, confidence building and much more. Our juniors classes are more demanding in terms of effort and discipline but still foster the family and community approach we create in all our sessions. We want our students to enjoy learning, training and growing.

Monday 6:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Tuesday 6:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Wednesday 6:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Thursday 6:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Friday 6:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Book A Class

Membership for our juniors class costs £34.00 per month and covers as many weekly sessions as you can attend.

What to expect

When you first step in to the dojo you’ll be asked to sign in, if you’ve booked onto a taster class we’ll take your details before bringing your child onto the mat. We want all parents/guardians to take an active, enagaged role in their child’s martial education and so kindly ask that you stay in the dojo during the classes.

What to wear

It can be tempting to go all out and buy the uniform (gi) right away but we recommend waiting around 6 weeks to make sure the classes are right for your child before buying anything. During that time, loose comfortable clothing will do just fine.

Dojo rules

Respect, etiquette and self-discipline are a huge part of our training and something we take very seriously. It’s important that all parents and students are aware of the dojo rules, you can view these over on our dojo rules page.

How does grading work?

We monitor attendance of students closely, when a student reaches 20 consecutive classes they are flagged for assessment, this assessment is based on our grading criteria and professional judgement. If a student is considered ready they will be graded at the next available opportunity. You can read more about our approach to grading and assessment in our articles section.

Holiday Camps

During the school holidays we welcome everyone into the dojo for full week camps of martial arts, practical self defence, culture, learning and fun. Each week will be broken down into daily themes and children will take part in skill building activities, team games, individual problem solving and focussed traditional drills. We provide healthy snacks, get outside for basic weapons training, and take time for talking and calm activities like traditional Japanese calligraphy (shodo).

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