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Fun weekly classes for 4-8 year olds.

Our Kids class is a space for students aged 4-7 years to grow, learn, play and explore martial arts, a natural progression of the principles set out in our Little Ninjas classes.

We understand all children are different, all our children grow and learn in different ways and at different times. This is why we’ve developed an open curriculum that allows us to teach and assess our younger students in a less rigid way.

The dojo begins at home. The work we do in our classes will help our students with their first steps in martial arts but we encourage all parents and guardians to recognise these values and lessons need to be a consistent presence in a young students life.

Monday 5:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Tuesday 5:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Wednesday 5:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Thursday 5:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Friday 5:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Saturday 12:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
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Membership for the kids class costs £26.00 per month and gives you access to one allocated session per week and our Saturday open session. Kids classes are held at our Foundation Dojo based in Speke.

What to expect

Being immersed in Japanese martial arts means your little one will also be immersed in the language that surrounds it, from learning how to say hello, goodbye and thank you, to learning what we call parts of the body and counting to 10, they’ll leave class each with an ever growing Japanese vocabulary. Your allocated class lasts around 50 minutes and is focussed on our traditional curriculum, principles, language and techniques as well as group work, movement and drills.

What to wear

It can be tempting to go all out and buy the uniform (gi) right away but we recommend waiting around 6 weeks to make sure the classes are right for your child before buying anything. During that time, loose comfortable clothing will do just fine.

Dojo Rules

Respect, etiquette and self-discipline are a huge part of our training and something we take very seriously. It’s important that all parents and students are aware of the dojo rules, you can view these over on our dojo rules page

How Does Grading Work?

We monitor attendance of students closely, when a student reaches 20 consecutive classes they are flagged for assessment, this assessment is based on our grading criteria and professional judgement. If a student is considered ready they will be graded at the next available opportunity.

Family Workshops

Consistency is key with martial arts, we want our teaching to continue outside of the dojo and the best way to do this is through you! Each term we invite parents/guardians onto the mats with their children. We focus on teaching you and giving you some really useful tools, games and simple drills to train and play with your kids any-time. All we recommend is some comfy clothes and an open mind!

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Holiday Camps

During the school holidays we welcome everyone into the dojo for full week camps of martial arts, practical self defence, culture, learning and fun. Each week will be broken down into daily themes and children will take part in skill building activities, team games, individual problem solving and focussed traditional drills. We provide healthy snacks, get outside for basic weapons training, and take time for talking and calm activities like traditional Japanese calligraphy (shodo).

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