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Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas introduces the smallest of students to traditional Japanese martial arts through movement, music, culture, language, fun and games.

We’ve built a class specifically for 2-4 year olds that focuses on building physical confidence, developing coordination, improving balance and providing a great opportunity for parents and children to enjoy a positive, shared, learning experience.

Little Ninjas sessions run at our Wavertree Town Hall Dojo and our Sefton Park Cricket Club Pavillion Dojo.

Monday 10:00am Wavertree Town Hall
11:00am Wavertree Town Hall
Saturday 10:00am Sefton Park CC
11:00am Sefton Park CC
Book A Class

Membership for Little Ninjas costs £22.00 per month and covers one class each week.


Being immersed in Japanese martial arts means your little one will also be immersed in the language that surrounds it, from learning how to say hello, goodbye and thank you, to learning what we call parts of the body and counting to 10, they’ll leave class each week with an ever growing Japanese vocabulary.


All of our classes have a strong focus on building key motor skills and challenging students physically regardless of their ability. We’ll focus on improving balance, coordination, reactions and much more through structured classes.


Throughout the term we teach a variety of Japanese nursery rhymes and songs that help students learn more about Japanese culture and history. Actions, dancing and movement all add to making these songs an engaging cultural experience!

Fun & Games

The most important element of Little Ninjas is fun, we want all our students to associate being active with being happy which is why we bring lots of challenging, energetic games into every class, making sure all our students leave with a smile!