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The next stage of their martial journey (13 – 16 years).

Our teens classes provide an important bridge from our Juniors class to our Adults group with the challenge and expectation rising to fall in line with the capability of the student. Fitness, confidence building and a keen focus on fun all play a part in a relaxed envronment.

Our teen classes incorporate traditional Ninjutsu, self defence and much more. We've worked hard to develoop a programme that helps students really enkjoy their learning experience while growing in ability and confidence.

Monday 7:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Tuesday 7:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Wednesday 7:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Thursday 7:30pm Foundation Dojo (Speke)
Book A Class

Membership for our teens class costs £34.00 per month and covers all weekly sessions.

What to wear

It can be tempting to go all out and buy the uniform (gi) right away but we recommend waiting at least a few weeks to make sure the classes are right for you. During that time, loose comfortable clothing will do just fine.

Dojo rules

Respect, etiquette and self-discipline are a huge part of our training and something we take very seriously. It's important that all students are aware of the dojo rules, you can view these over on our dojo rules page.

How does grading work?

We have regular formal gradings throughout the year. If you have attended consistently and we feel you can effectively demonstrate your understanding of the syllabus we will put you forward to grade. These are closed assessments where coachea test students on their understanding and application of the syllabus.