Following the reintroduction of certain Covid 19 restrictions from 29th November we wanted to let all our members know what we’ll be doing to keep everyone happy, safe and training!

Masks In The Dojo

New guidance means masks in the dojo are now mandatory for spectators. This won’t actually change much as we’ve been maintaining masks and distancing for spectators since returning to in person classes.

Positive Cases

Contacts of positive cases of the new variant will now need to use a rapid lateral flow test daily for 7 days regardless of vaccine status (unvaccinated adults identified as close contacts of any variant are required by law to isolate for 10 days).

How You Can Help

While we’re doing everything we can to keep everyone happy, healthy and training here are some small things you can do to help:

Stay up to date on the symptoms of new variants. For Delta and Omicron, the main symptoms are headache, sneezing and a runny nose and a sore, ‘scratchy’ throat rather than a cough and temperature. The Zoe Covid study have a really good breakdown of the symptoms to look out for.

Please don’t attend classes if you or your child are unwell in any way, Covid or not, avoiding illnesses really helps us to keep classes running.

Testing – regular lateral flow testing, before class rather than after, will help us and the community as a whole immensely. The new nasal only swabs are much easier and quicker than previous kits. You can order them for free here.

Take up your booster vaccinations as soon as you can, all over 40s are now eligible.

Just a heads up as we head into colder winter weather, we’ll be maintaining maximum ventilation in all our venues so its a good idea to wrap up warm if you’re spectating.

Thank You!

Thank you for everything you’re already doing, and all the enthusiasm you bring to the dojo every week. We know if we work together as a community we’ll be able to fill these next few weeks before the Christmas break with good times, happy martial artists, achievements, proud moments and optimism.

As always, ganbatte, keep going, domo.