We’re looking ahead to Tough Mudder, one of our yearly highlights and we’re welcoming all parents and over 16’s to join us and start their fitness journey.

Fighting Fit launched last year as a way to help prepare our team to take on Tough Mudder. It’s our way to support, guide and encourage you on your fitness journey while building up some team spirit and camaraderie. We want you to feel fitter, stronger and confident to run the 5k Tough Mudder course in September (or the 15k if you’re ambitious!).

The class is now a regular part of our weekly schedule and we’re ready to welcome more members with open, sweaty arms into the team!

Our Tough Mudder prep will start on Thursday 15th June at 7:30pm with a weekly martial fitness class that will help anyone from absolute beginners to seasoned runners prepare for September. From August we’ll also be adding outdoor bootcamp sessions to the schedule too!

That’s gives you 3 months to get from where you are now to mud-run ready on 9th September. Easy.

What do I need to do?

The Fighting Fit Mudder Challenge will cost £45 for a 3 month commitment (that bit is important) you can sign up today using the link below.

We’d recommend picking up your Tough Mudder ticket as early as possible (the price increases the closer we get to the event). Links are below. We’ve found that over the years it can be tricky to get everyone booked on the same time however on the day we’ve always been able to run together so don’t worry about time slots being sold out.

Sign Up for Fighting Fit (£45)
Buy Tough Mudder 5k Ticket (9th September)
Buy Tough Mudder 15k Ticket (9th September)

What if I don’t want do Tough Mudder but still want to train?

If Tough Mudder isn’t your thing but you want to improve your fitness and do some training then you are more than welcome to sign up and join the classes regardless. The more the merrier!

Sign Up for Fighting Fit (£45)

What if I can’t make all the dates?

If you can’t attend on Thursdays but still want to take part, get in touch and we’ll have a conversation about how we can make it work.

I’m already an adult student!

Good news, you get all the extra training for free!

Is there an age range?

To take part in the Tough Mudder 5k runners need to be 13 or older with 15k runners needing to be 15 or older. Anyone running under the age of 16 needs an adult chaperone running with them.

What about the Kids/Juniors

We have a full Lidl Mudder team taking on their very own obstacle course on the same day! We’ll be sending an email out to members really soon!

I’m not too sure – what even is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a mud run filled with challenging obstacles. It’s team focused and is an incredible experience. Tough Mudder is not a race for elite athletes, it’s about working as a team to get everyone to the finish line, you can learn more about it here.