Around this time of year we often have parents and families enquire about ninja-related gifts so we thought we’d put together a collection of suggestions. We’ve kept it to products we know are good quality and wherever possible from ethical suppliers. We’re not affiliated with any of these products or suppliers.

Little Ninjas (2-4 yrs)

Scroll & Brush Set – £10.99
Recreate the mess free peace of a Japanese Calligraphy session at home. Water fillable brushes and endlessly reusable scroll that dries and rolls away after each use.

Rubber Practice Spots – 25cm – £9.95
The most useful and imaginative item in our supplies box! From drums to hats to jumping spots to tacos, these are tough, colourful and great for sensory play.

Ninja Ninja Never Stop! (Book) – £8.36
A lovely toddler book full of quick moves, amusing little ninja escapades and imagination inspiration.

Daruma Doll – £13.00
Not the most hard wearing but a beautiful, meaningful gift for students of all ages. A symbol of perseverance and goal setting.

Kids Class (4-8 yrs)

Playwell Black Gi – £19.99
A lightweight, long lasting, affordable gi. Perfect for beginners.

Ninja Camp (Book) – £12.08
A fun and energetic read for anyone looking for a lesson in teamwork and cool stealth skills!

Juniors Class (8+ yrs)

Progress Gi – £50.00 (£35.00)
A beautiful quality medium weight gi, elasticated waist in all children’s sizes. We love their motto of ‘You can make excuses or progress, the choice is yours’ which is printed inside each gi too. – Use the code PROG30 to get 30% off!

Tatami Rashguards – £15.00 – 27.00
Practical and fun, essential under heavier weight gi.

White Oak Hanbo – £13.99
A great start to weapons training in the Juniors Class. Perfect for practicing at home.

Eight Times Up (Book) – £8.22
Fall down 7 times, get up 8 is an important martial mantra. This book follows a young boy’s journey in beginning a martial art as a route through challenge. Highly recommend for Juniors Students over 8, wherever they are on their martial journey.

Adults Class

Tatami V2 Black Mens & V2 Black Womens Gi – £58.50
Fantastic, reliable, all round good Gi for all Adult’s class uses.

Tatami Mens & Womens Rashguards – From £25.20
We love the style choices Tatami make with all their rashguards and their new lines are no different.

Old School Essays on Japanese Martial Traditions (Book) – £32.50
This is a fantastic book that explores koryû (ancient Japanese arts) and is a great read for anyone interested in the history, cultural legacy and the development of modern budô.