All of our values are vital to us and help to play a huge part in what we do and how we do it. One that is especially important to us (considering the nature of what we do) is kenko, which means health.

Our focus on health covers everything from our mental wellbeing, to our physical fitness as well as what we eat and our attitude towards food.

We’re making some really good strides with mental wellbeing thanks to our partnership with Relax Kids, and there’s plenty more to come on that front too. Physical fitness is something we’re constantly working on with new movement challenges and plenty of opportunities to train throughout the week.

Food and diet, however, are a little more complicated. Last year we had a really good response to our Halloween challenge with lots of students choosing to dump the sweets in favour of earning their health patch which we’re incredibly proud of but we’re always looking to do more. For this to happen we need the help of all our parents, guardians and carers.

We try really hard to make sure our dojo is a shining example of all our values, but this becomes difficult when we see students around the mats with unhealthy food and drinks and this is why we’re introducing some new rules in the form of our Healthy Dojo Agreement.

The Healthy Dojo Agreement

  • The only drink permitted in the dojo is water, no fizzy or sugary drinks will be allowed.
  • No sweets, crisps or fast food allowed in the dojo.
  • No food or drinks of any kind are allowed on or near the mats.

Some Helpful Guidance

Try not to eat directly before training. Depending on the food choice this either makes students lethargic or hyperactive. We’ve done some observation on the affect food can have on younger students which is worth reading.
We feel this agreement will help foster a healthier attitude towards food in the dojo and at home so please don’t be offended if we ask you or your child to remove any unhealthy food or drink during our classes!

As always we would love to hear your feedback, opinions or any comments.