Social change — the heart, mind and spirit of Foundation.

The Japanese word kokoro is pretty special. It has no direct English translation and it describes an almost abstract concept: Heart, mind, spirit — not as things but as a feeling.

The kanji for kokoro is also present in the symbol for ninjutsu. The nin kanji literally comprising of jin (blade) and kokoro (heart) which together means perseverance.

It’s no surprise then, that kokoro also finds it’s way into the 7 values we hold ourselves to at Foundation:

Kokoro as a value, can be interpreted in many different ways. It can be how we project the teachings of the classes we attend in our everyday lives, how we demonstrate the indomitable spirit of the ninja when presented with adversity or it can be what drives you, what inspires you and pushes you forward.

For us, that drive, that inspiration and direction comes from the difference we’re making. It comes from improving the lives of others. Our heart, mind and spirit is social change.

We are a social enterprise, this means we’ll never profit from the work that we do and that the work we do will always be driven by making a positive social change. Over the past 2 years we’ve seen this focus lead us to working with some incredible partners, reaching children and families across the region.

We’re getting the opportunity to work with families that simply haven’t had the chance to see the benefit martial arts can have. Children who have been left behind by traditional and modern classes simply not equipped to teach and engage them. Children in care or caring for family members, without a positive experience or role model when it comes to movement, exercise or healthy living.

Our sessions help students see very quickly how accessible martial arts can be and the difference it can make regardless of who you are. It brings families closer together through a shared positive experience and most importantly — it’s fun.

The work we’re doing is invaluable and wouldn’t be possible in traditional martial arts or traditional enterprise. Our heart, our mind and our spirit is helping us change the world one family, parent, guardian and child at a time and we’re only just getting started.