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Singing & Moving

Okina Taiko (Big Drum)

We use this song at the start of each and every class to wake up our arms and our voices. It’s a wonderful traditional melody that all our students love to sing.
Download Okina Taiko MP3
Download Okina Taiko PDF Songsheet

Kira Kira (Twinkle Twinkle)

We sing this song to finish each of our sessions as a way of calming students and introducing a familiar song in a different language.
Download Kira Kira MP3
Download Kira Kira PDF Songsheet

Kaeru no Uta (Sound of the Frog)

The sound of the frog is a great way to focus on our jumping movement and different postures!
Download Kaeru no Uta MP3
Download Kaeru no Uta PDF Songsheet

Kobuatnukitsuneko (Piglet, Raccoon, Fox & Cat)

This song is a really active way of learning not just animal names but also the noises they make (which in Japan can be quite different).
Download Kobuatnukitsuneko MP3
Download Kobuatnukitsuneko PDF Songsheet

Atama, Kata, Hiza, Pon! (Head, Shoulder, Knees & Clap!)

Throughout our training we’ll encourage students to use the Japanese names for simple parts of the body and this song is a perfect opportunity to learn these in a fun way.
Download Atama, Kata, Hiza, Pon MP3
Download Atama, Kata, Hiza, Pon PDF Songsheet

Ookina Kuri No (Under the Big Chestnut Tree)

The seasons play a big part in our sessions and will often help guide the content. This song is a great partnered activity for parents and little Ninjas.
Download Ookina Kuri No MP3
Download Ookina Kuri No PDF Songsheet

Ouma (Horse)

This is another simple animal song about a Mother Horse leading her baby that we use to get parents and children moving together.
Download Ouma MP3
Download Ouma PDF Songsheet

Zou San (Elephant)

Download Zou San MP3
Download Zou San PDF Songsheet

Gu Choki Pa (Rock, Scissors, Paper)

This versatile song helps with the finer motor controls encouraging students to make animals out of their hand shapes.
Download Gu Choki Pa MP3
Download Gu Choki Pa PDF Songsheet