Our weekly kids and juniors classes have been growing steadily over the past few years and we couldn’t be happier to see a regular stream of new faces in the dojo. During our classes though, as we look out around the dojo we see something quite exciting; younger siblings eager to step on the mat, following along from the sidelines.

This got us thinking, what if we took our weekly class curriculum and built something special, just for these eager little students? So we did.

Little Ninjas weekly class and curriculum with a focus on teaching movement, language and music. We’ve built a martial arts class that aligns with early years physical development targets, improves gross motor skills and builds physical confidence all through Japanese martial arts and culture.

We want to help our smallest students start their martial arts journey in the best way possible so we’ve created an environment without pressure or expectation that embraces everyone regardless of ability or needs. A big part of making this work is role of the parent, we ask all mums, dads, grandparents and carers to join their littles ones on the mat. It’s here that we pass on our teaching philosophy, embrace positivity and foster a shared experience that will set in motion a passion for martial arts that will grow with the student.

Each lesson has a key theme which we use to define the content and everything we teach can be carried on at home. We send parents regular recap emails that cover everything we’re working on in class and includes any song sheets and music, anything we can do to encourage turning your living room into your own tiny dojo!

Our three year old Jessica has been desperate to get involved on the mat after watching her big sister train in the kids class. Little Ninjas has let her really express herself, exploring movement, balance, rhythm and strength. She has great fun and enjoys the interaction with the instructors and other kids in class. Its such a positive atmosphere that you find you and your child leaving class smiling and chattering, eager to get home to show the family what they’ve learned. Its a great class, so rewarding.
Paul Ritchie — Little Ninjas Parent

Little Ninjas classes prepare your child and equip them with the confidence, skills and enthusiasm for a smooth transition into our evening kids classes once they are ready.