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Fighting Fit

Giving adults a fun, focussed path to health and fitness through Japanese martial arts.

Fighting Fit is a new project developed and delivered by Foundation School of Martial Arts to help provide adults with a low barrier entry into health and fitness training using traditional Japanese martial arts.

The programme is split across 6 weeks, with each week having a different theme and focus. Each class will feature a consistent strand of focussed cardiovascular & bodyweight exercise as well as functional movement and yoga-like stretching. All of the content is developed to be completely scalable ensuring that participants are challenged but still able to join in all aspects of the class.

The class has been developed for between 10 and 20 participants and is broken down into four sections:

Cardio & Warm Up – 5 min

Ryutai Undo – 20 minutes
Translates as Dragon Body Exercises and is a traditional Ninjutsu training system. We’ve expanded on this to create a function circuit of exercises that uses a mixture of bodyweight and equipment to challenge participants in new ways.

Themed Section – 25 min

Junan Taiso & Warm Down – 10 min
Junan Taiso translates as flexibility and body conditioning. This series of movements is similar in style to Yoga but more heavily focussed on the functional benefits they provide to martial artists, props like obi (belts) and hanbo (3 foot staff) are used to increase the scope of exercises and keep the martial context.

  • Week One – Kihon (basics)
  • Week Two – Taiko (drumming)
  • Week Three – Hanbojutsu (small staff)
  • Week Four – Striking (pads, gloves and shields)
  • Week Five – Self Defence
  • Week Six – Recap

Get in touch if you’d like to bring Fighting Fit into your setting.